Connecting for Contributing,
Interacting for Innovating

Who Are We?

The Confederation of Global Innovators (also known as CGI) is a platform created for the demographic dividend of our nation. We strongly believe that today our country’s youth, which comprises more than 65% of the total population, is the biggest asset for our country. From the point of inception, the CGI, as a community, has worked tirelessly in the field of bridging the gap between the stakeholders of development (like students, professional aspirants etc) and the opportunities like the corporate housesThe CGI is created to serve as a platform to connect innovators, stakeholders of development and the student community.😊

Why CGI?

CGI is a structured network of startups that facilitates Founders to network with other Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Investors, Job Seekers and Professionals. The key to the success of all startups under us are the offerings we bring. Being the biggest innovation accelerator we provide all our members with multiple premium services.

Global Approach

CGI is a global accelerator that provides a nurturing holistic environment for startups to attain their maximum potential. A platform supporting all kinds of business, technical, scientific, agricultural, educational and what not.

Unlimited Opportunities

From seed funding to mentoring to growth hacking. CGI offers all services so you don’t lack behind when it’s the time to touch great heights. Our worldwide corporate connections help you generate business leads for your startup.


Entrepreneurs, mentors or investors, CGI has a global approach to back you up. With our around the world network, we help you build your personal connections as well to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

CGI is an acronym of the Confederation of Global Innovators which is world's 1st O2O platform based organization dedicated to Innovators.

a) Opportunity being part of a Global Platform.
b) Interact with top Entrepreneurs, Ambassadors and Bureaucrats of various countries.
c) Be part of our wealth creation scheme and Earn good incentives.
d) Rapidly enhance domain based knowledg.
e) Grow leadership and other success related skills.
f) Live a life you always dream about.
g) Huge scope to improve your resume and portfolio.
h) Get help:

- In funding.
- In Networking.
- In learning and development.

i) Unlock the wide range of opportunities to attend premium international conferences, conclaves, dialogues, certificates, modules, winning camps, courses etc either for free or at a highly subsidized price.
j) Get advisery and consultation services for Startups, ventures, projects, Government policies and schemes etc. and lot more....

There are two ways to be part of CGI:

As per the current intake, the membership fees with an annual subscription is:
- for Students: Rs. 200 Join Now
- for Corporates: Rs. 500 Join Now

The quota for current membership's intake is going to exhaust soon, post which the prices shall be revised immediately. Currently the registration fee is

• Rs 118/- only for students (click here)
• Rs. 218/- only for professionals and entrepreneurs (click here)

- Creating a DPR.
- Refining the pitch and product.
- Patent research, analysis and IPR selling.
- Providing platform and assistance in B2B, B2C, G2B .
- Resource Optimization by providing HR, Financial, IT and other services to Startups who can't afford having their own dedicated departments.
- Transform learners or Startup aspirants into world-class entrepreneurs, corporate men and professionals.
- Strategically planned domain specific winning camps and courses tailored to pave the way of your success.
- Making unemployment individuals into skilled and self-reliant Innovators.
- Domain wise pool of mentors and investors to cater your mentoring and funding requirements.

Still Need Help?

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